Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"Bye Mom, Turtles"

"Bye Noodle, and you mean "Tootles"??

"Nope, I mean 'Turtles'"

"Bye Noodle, Tootles"

"Mom, it's 'Turtles', really. And, this one time when Daddy was mowing the lawn, he found a turtle in the lawn, it's TURTLES! Then, he picked it up, and I petted the turtle's shell. He was so cute. I was going to keep him, but Daddy said he needed to be in the wilderness"

So, "turtles" it is. Just keepin' it real.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like, Three was Soooo LONG Ago....

Oh Mommy, you always get that.

I know, cuz I love it. And, you, always get that.

NO, NO. I. DON'T. (Yes, he does.)

You don't, really, what else have you had here?

A lovely conversation with my big 4 year old at Panera, one of our favorite date places.

I got the ham and cheese once.

Noodle, you don't even like ham and cheese.

I know, but I did get it that one time.

Oh yes, you did get it that one time.

Seeeeeee, I don't always get this. {insert a little head shake}

Well, now you do. {insert a bigger head shake}

Yeah, I do now. Now that I am FOUR. I used to get the ham and cheese when I was three. {Insert scowled eyebrows}
(Said as if three was such a terrible thing to be)

Yes, Noodle, when you were three, that was oh, so long ago. {insert big smiles}

I know, right, Mom, it was like so long ago. (What is he a valley girl??)

AHHHHH, I love this boy.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Thirteen Years, and We've Never Had a Fight!!

We stood in the hallway and admired the portrait.

"We looked so happy", I said. "So young, wow, thirteen years went by so fast. That day was so magical. Still wouldn't have changed a thing."

"Mommy, you look so skinny."
"Yeah, thanks Schmoogie...."
"Daddy, you have a mustache....hahahaha, and you look...."
"What? Just like Daddy, right?"
"Yes, you do, you look the same, except that mustache." Chuckle, chuckle.

On this day, thirteen years ago, I married my "bestie", my BFF, my soul mate, my "husbando", the one who is always by my side.

Funny thing is while so much has changed for us over the years, so much hasn't, like how we feel about each other.

I love you more than I did on that day. I feel so satisfied with who we are and who we have become. I feel so rich and blessed with the family we have created. I love the memories we have and those we create each day.

Happy Anniversary babe, with so many more to come, I just cant wait.

Love to love you, still,